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Stewardship and Giving

Stewardship is what we do with our lives.  Everything we have is a gift from God.  We are stewards of what has been entrusted to us.  God’s love offers us a gift that goes beyond anything we can imagine.  It is most perfectly shown in God coming to us, loving us and giving himself for us in Jesus Christ.  How do we respond to such a gift of grace with our lives?  Do we respond at all? 


These are questions not only of stewardship, but also of spiritual awareness and health.  If we have been touched in any real way by this gift, we want to show gratitude and respond with everything we are.  We seek to show this through love of God and neighbor, and we do this first by giving thanks and then by sharing the gifts God has entrusted to us.  As we share our gifts and accept the gifts offered to us by others, we live into the community of faith to which God calls each of us.  We have all been blessed with gifts.  We have resources, talents and abilities that God uses to shine light into a weary world.  Our offering of these gifts allows us to come together as a community of faith and fulfill the mission God has given us in this time and place. 

At the heart of our giving and stewardship is deep gratitude to God for all that we have and the desire to share and care for these gifts with others.


We thank you for giving of your time, talent and treasure to the ministry of St. James.  We will use these donations to continue our ministry of spreading the Good News of Jesus through worship, prayer, word and action.  Thank you!

Ways you can give:


By Email or Paypal

You can use Paypal to email payment to the address above.  You may also use the "Donate" button below to give through Paypal.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


In Person


Time and Talent


Stewardship is about our time and talent as well as our treasure.  We need you presence and helping hands to assist in our many ministries serving those both inside and outside of our church walls.  The button above links you to a from where you can identify ministry opportunities with your gifts and offer yourself to service.

You can mail your check to the church using our main mailing address found below.  You can also drop it by in person.  We are always happy to see you!

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